Cure Ear Infection Naturally in 24 Hours

Cure Ear Infection Naturally in 24 Hours

Ear infections can give you sharp and piercing pain, but sometimes, they can be dull yet still aching. You may know the cause or you don’t, but ear infections can definitely be debilitating.

There are many causes of ear infections, including cavities, ear wax buildup, tonsillitis, teeth grinding, and sinus infections among others. The most common cause though is known as acute otitis media or AOM, which is a type of middle ear infection. No matter what the cause is for your ear infection, there are remedies that you can use without rushing to the pharmacy to buy antibiotics. In fact, you can give yourself pain relief by simply visiting your kitchen.

Remedies for Ear Infection that Work in 24 Hours

Try these treatments at home to get rid of ear infection in a day:

One Cup of Salt or Rice

Choose from these two ingredients. Just put one cup of salt or rice in a pan and expose to low heat for a few minutes. After that, place in a cloth and seal one end. When warm, put the salt outside the ear for at least five minutes.

Garlic Oil

Get two garlic cloves and cook them in two tablespoons of mustard or sesame oil until they turn dark. Strain and wait until heat is bearable. Drop the solution to the infected ear. Speed up the healing process by eating two to three cloves of raw garlic every day.

One Chopped Onion

Microwave the onion for about two minutes. Let it cool and get the onion juice, which you will use as drops to your infected ear.

Warm Water in a Bottle

Just place directly outside the ear. Alternatively, you can use a heating pad.

Olive Oil

Warm the oil and apply a few drops to the infected ear. If you don’t have olive oil, use mustard oil instead.


Ear InfectionThis is good for pain relief. Get five fresh leaves of basil and extract their juice. Place the juice around your ear, but be careful not to get it inside your ear. You can also add a few drops of coconut oil.


Inhale steam, which can help sooth earaches. Make sure that you don’t burn yourself and also provide protection to the eye area.

Kids are prone to ear infections, but adults can be affected by this problem as well. The home remedies given above can help both young and old people. Next time you or your loved one has an ear infection, don’t go to your medicine cabinet yet. Try the natural treatments here to be relieved from pain and the infection itself.