Famous people are doing it, including Kim Kardashian, January Jones, and Holly Madison. But are there really health benefits when you eat your placenta?

According to a team of researchers at the Northwestern University, there are no health benefits whatsoever. Contrary to what the proponents say, eating placenta after giving birth will not save you from postpartum depression. It also does not provide you with pain relief, extra energy, and more milk for your newborn baby.

Should You Jump Into the Bandwagon?

The researchers believe that the rise in popularity of eating placenta is due to the influence of media reports and websites although this is not an entirely new practice. Known as placentophagy, this actually dates back to the 16th century and is until now very popular in Chinese medicine. Unfortunately, women who practice it today don’t have enough information about placentophagy, except about the benefits.

Would you eat placenta for its supposed health benefits? / PicHelp
Would you eat placenta for its supposed health benefits? / PicHelp

In truth, there are no studies that tackle the risks of ingesting the placenta. The researchers want to remind new mothers about the placenta being an organ that serves as a filter that protects the developing fetus by absorbing the pollutants and toxins. It is possible that the bacteria and the viruses remain in the tissues of the placenta after you have delivered your baby.