Mosquitoes are annoying as they buzz near your ear and bite you for your blood. These blood-sucking insects plague places that have high humidity. It is important that you get rid of them or at least keep their population under control. This is because they not only give you bug bites, but they could spread diseases as well.


If you are a heavy beer drinker, you will notice that mosquitoes are attracted to you. In this case, you can use beer to trap these insects. Pour some beer in a pitcher or a cup. You can use any beer you want. Make sure you don’t drink it though because the mosquitoes will come after you too.


There are mosquito swatters that you can buy, which are made of plastic or metal. It is similar to a fly swatter, but it has thicker material used. If you don’t want to buy, there are many alternatives for you. In fact, you can actually use any kind of material that can make your arm longer. Choices include a newspaper or a magazine that you rolled up for this purpose. Another way is to clap on the mosquitoes using your hands.


Lavender will not only soothe you, but also leave your home mosquito-free. To start, you can place a drop of lavender to a cloth or a ribbon. You can put this item on your windows, most specifically the open ones. Mosquitoes will avoid entering your home from now on.


If you are barbecuing and you notice that the mosquitoes are swarming all over you and your mouthwatering food, there’s an easy solution for this, Throw some rosemary right onto the hot coals. The aroma is repelling for the mosquitoes and they will soon go away. Of course, you can also do this technique even when you’re not barbecuing.

Don't lose with war / PicHelp
Don’t lose with war / PicHelp


Here’s another way to get rid of mosquitoes: using mint. The scent of mint is effective in repelling insects, including mosquitoes. One way to use mint is to place it in a vaporizer, so that the scent will fill the room. Another way is to apply it on your body or on your rooms’ windows. These methods will help your home be free from mosquitoes in no time.

One of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes though is to keep your home clean and free from standing water. Any stagnant water sources should be dumped or flushed out to make sure they won’t breed again in or near your home.