When you think of Japanese food, one of the first things that will come to mind is sushi. And of course there’s a reason behind this. Sushi is well-loved not only in Japan, but in many parts of the world as well including in Western countries. When you go to your favorite sushi joint and your order arrives, you should observe proper table manners when you eat sashimi or sushi.

One of the common mistakes that people do is that they take their chopsticks and rub them together before they eat. Unfortunately, this is a very bad practice as it is actually disrespectful. Another huge mistake is stirring soy sauce and wasabi together. Even though this is quite a common practice, it doesn’t mean it is correct. Here are the reasons why:

It Is Disrespectful to the Chef

Apparently, when you mix wasabi and soy sauce together, the latter will taste different. While there is no such thing as gourmet soy sauce especially in the US, the sushi chef makes sure that the soy sauce he uses is the right one. Traditionally, soy will be added to the fish, so if you add other flavors to your food, technically you are telling the chef he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Soy sauce’s taste is destroyed just like wasabi. Most chefs handpick the wasabi they offer to the customers and when the chefs see that the person who eats his prepared sushi mixes wasabi and soy sauce, it means his work is not as edible as he thinks.

It Ruins How Sushi is Made to Look

If you look at sushi that is offered to you, you can already say it is indeed a beautiful work of art. However, when you add wasabi to soy sauce, it destroys the look meant for this Japanese food, making it appear sloppy.

There's a right way to eat sushi / PicHelp
There’s a right way to eat sushi / PicHelp

Japanese people are very organized and they value their culture a lot. Eating their food means that you have to do the same. When you eat sushi and a legit chef sees that you mix wasabi and soy sauce, he would cringe internally because that is not the way to eat sushi. Doing so is bad manners because you are adding something to the sushi even though a qualified chef offered you something else. So the next time you decide to eat sushi, leave the wasabi and the soy sauce as they should be.