Deformities brought about by gadgets are not new – there’s the blackberry thumb and the cell phone elbow. You may have also heard about how a smartphone can cause spinal and eye damage. There’s also text claw where wrists cramp and become sore. Now, there’s a new one called the “smartphone pinky” where overuse of smartphones can lead to pain and worse, a deformed pinky.

What’s the Smartphone Pinky?

It all started when NTT DoCoMo, which is the largest telecom company in Japan, tweeted a picture that showed how excessive use of smartphones can have harmful effects to the hands of the user, particular his pinky. The tweet came from the customer service department of the mentioned Japanese telecom company, which exposed how gripping big smartphones today too tightly can cause a deformed pinky. The post serves as a warning to people who use their phones all the time.

According to NTT DoCoMo, resting a smartphone on your little finger could give you pain. The pain could be temporary, but given the bulk and weight of the smartphones today, it is probable that users can have a slight indentation of their little finger. The Japanese mobile network told the public to take time to find a different way to hold the phone. Another alternative is to take a break from using smartphones, so that they will not become much of a burden to the little finger.

Although it is not yet known how many smartphone users are affected by this deformity, the mobile network claims that the pain develops due to repeated use of pinky when holding a heavy phone. The aim of the tweet is to alert heavy smartphone users to reduce the amount of time they consume in reading and sending texts and checking their social media accounts.

If you are using your smartphone now, take a good look at your pinky and where it is right now. There is a chance that it is indeed under your phone and you are using it for support. Just like what the Japanese telecom said, you should find a better way or at least adjust your method of holding your device from this moment on.

Just another effect of smartphone addiction / PicHelp
Just another effect of smartphone addiction / PicHelp

When you hold your phone in your hand, note that it does press on the inside of your little finger. Your pinky is a vulnerable spot and pain can easily develop there. Hold your smartphone the right way to avoid soreness and indentation between the pinky’s first and second joints.