A 22-year-old Brazilian woman recently tested positive for HIV and may have gotten the virus from using manicure equipment owned by her HIV positive relative according to reports.

The Brazilian woman who was tested positive for the virus after she donated blood reportedly had no history of risky sexual activity. She also said she never had sex, something that a gynecologist confirmed. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses also reported that the woman never received a blood transfusion or underwent any surgery. Her mother as well as her boyfriend also tested negative for the virus.

AIDS Cuticle Scissor
A cuticle cutter infected with HIV forever changed the life of an unsuspecting 22-year-old.

Doctors then investigated more and learned that the victim is already in the latter stage of the disease due to her low white blood cell count. After further investigation, doctors found out the she shared cuticle scissors with an HIV positive cousin 10 years ago. The cousin kept her health status a secret for over 17 years.

Researchers said that while it is technically impossible to be certain, they are confident that the transmission occurred via sharing of the infected manicure equipment and possibly had happened when the cousin wasn’t taking an antiviral drug, making the virus even more powerful.