As what you would often hear, weight loss is achieved by the combination of diet and exercise. In workouts, there are particular exercises that target specific areas. As for diet, emphasis is given to food groups that garner results by putting your metabolism on fire. If you are wondering what food options you can consume, then feed yourself with these food choices.

Want to lose weight? Be smart about it. Try smart foods / PicHelp
Want to lose weight? Be smart about it. Try smart foods / PicHelp

Green Tea

Nature truly has its way of cutting down your weight. By just sipping four cups of green tea a day, you can lose more than 6 pounds in just eight weeks according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The secret to this metabolism booster is the EGCG in green tea.

Lean Meats

If you want to burn more fats, then chew on lean meats such as chicken and turkey. For a fact, lean meats have high thermogenic property that aids in burning fats. The amount of fats burned can be accounted to 30% during the digestion of the food itself.

Hot Peppers

Do you need a hand to burn those extra calories? Kick them out with some spice. Hot peppers contain capsaicin that aids in burning excess calories. You can add them to your dish or eat hot peppers raw or dried.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

To keep your metabolism on a steady momentum, then do not forget to consume low-dairy products. It will help you build and preserve muscles because of its high calcium and Vitamin D content. Building and preserving your muscles are essential because they also help in burning fats.

Whole Grains

The calories found in processed foods cannot be burned easily by the body. It is because these food options have inflammatory properties that contribute to visceral fat development. For you to prevent this scenario and get a better shape, then whole grains are among the brilliant options. It is because this food group contains high value of fiber which keeps you full for longer hours. Examples of these are brown rice and oatmeal.


One reason why you are not losing weight could be due to lack of nutrients. If you lack one, iron for instance, your body will not be able to metabolize fats efficiently. However, this is not a problem anymore. If you lack iron, then you can just chew a cup of lentils which can supply you 35% of your daily iron needs.

Bonus: The Smart Way to Lose Weight

Exercise alone will do you no good in losing weight. You have to couple it with the best food choices to lose weight. So start chewing on the smart foods to shed off those extra calories.