Onions are little wonders from Mother Nature. There are claims that they can cure anything. Although this is an overstatement, the benefits of onions are definitely not to be undervalued.

There are so many ways to use onions for almost every ailment you can name, including the common cold, fever, and even cancer.

What Makes Onions a Medicinal Powerhouse?

Onions contain a powerful flavonoid known as quercetin, which is an antioxidant, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine. Quercetin is also known for its ability to lower bad cholesterol, while removing toxins in the body. Red onions are the best sources for quercetin, but you can also use white and yellow onions for the following ailments:

1. Common Cold

There are a few ways to combat common cold using onions, including:

  • Eating one raw whole onion before the cold gets worse – best when eaten at the first sign of a cold
  • Drinking onion tea made of boiled onion, ginger, and honey
  • Eating raw onion to clear the sinuses immediately
  • Placing the onion near the bed

While the last one may seem absurd, there are some people who practice this and they stand by onion’s ability to absorb bacteria like that.onion-treatments-health

2. Fever

For those with high fever, the first thing to do is gather the following: onions, potatoes, and garlic. Chop the first two and mince the garlic. Place these three in a pair of socks and wear the socks as you go to sleep. Put a cloth that has been soaked with vinegar, preferably apple cider, on the forehead.

3. Cough

To use onion for a nagging cough, cut a big onion in half. Cover the upper part of the halves with half a tablespoon of brown sugar. Let it dissolve for about an hour and then drink the syrupy contents twice a day. An alternative is to simply drink onion juice with honey.

4. Burns

If you’re cooking and you accidentally burned yourself, don’t get out of the kitchen. Instead, just grab and onion, slice it, and put it directly onto the burn for about two minutes.

5. Warts

You don’t have to buy medicine for your warts. Just slice an onion according to the size of the wart and place it there. Secure it with a Band-Aid and soon, your warts will be gone in a few days.

The home remedies that use onions for curing almost any maladies may sound ridiculous for some. But time and even science have proven that onion can help speed up wound healing as well as reduce bacteria and toxins in the body, so you can be healthier without taking prescription medicine.