Top Unexpected Uses of Olive Oil for Your Every Need

Top Unexpected Uses of Olive Oil for Your Every Need

Olive oil is considered one of the healthiest oils around – if not the healthiest. Touted for its high content of monounsaturated fats, such as oleic acid as well as polyphenols, olive oil is good for the heart and is said to improve overall health.

But aside from using it as an ingredient in salads and sautéed vegetables, this oil has several other uses outside of your kitchen. Here are the surprising ways you can use olive oil for yourself and around the house:

For Beauty

1.) Shave: You can use olive oil when you’re shaving by rubbing one teaspoon of the oil to your body or your face. The oil acts as a natural and safe lubricant, so you can closely remove your hair.

2.) Prepping for Manicure: In a bowl, mix olive oil and water. Soak your hand in the mixture to keep your fingernails healthy.

3.) Hair Frizz: If you have stubborn, dry hair, tame those flyaways and frizz by applying some oil to your hair. This is especially helpful during winter and humid days.

4.) Lip Balm: No need to buy lip balm at the store. Just mix this oil with melted beeswax with the same measurement. You can add essential oil to give it a good smell. Apply the mixture to your lips and you’ll have healthy-looking lips in no time.

5.) Exfoliate: Save on your exfoliating products by using olive oil mixed with coarse salt or sugar. Scrub the mixture on your face and hands then rinse.

6.) Makeup: Remove your makeup by dabbing a bit of olive oil under your eyes, on your forehead, and cheeks. Wipe using a damp cloth afterward.

Olive Oil UsesFor Your Things

1.) Polish: Use olive oil to polish wood furniture. Use a soft rag with a bit of the oil and some citrus juice or vinegar.

2.) Cups and Spoons: For your kitchen items, such as measuring cups and spoons, simply spray some olive oil to them to get rid of the sticky substances, such as syrups, honey, and mustard.

3.) Door: Fix your squeaky door by applying olive oil using a cotton swab or an old rag to the hinge.

For Your Health

1.) Snoring: Solve your snoring problem by simply sipping olive oil before you go to bed to lubricate the muscles in your throat.

2.) Earache: Apply the oil to the outer ear cavity to remove excess wax and cure earaches.

3.) Itchy Throat: Sip oil to stop coughing and treat your itchy throat.

Whether you want to get rid of a skin problem, clean items at home, or improve your health, olive oil is the versatile oil you should definitely have in your kitchen.