You’ve probably heard about how your workplace can have a negative effect on your health. But there are some practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine, so you can improve your wellness even at work. Just like the following:

1. Park Away

Whenever you arrive at work, make sure you park a bit farther away from the workplace or building. You get extra exercise before you sit on your desk for the most part of the day.

2. Take the Stairs

This is such a no-brainer, but many people still choose to use the elevator, especially when they are pressed for time. When you arrive at work earlier and you only need to go up (or down) a couple of flights, don’t avoid the stairs. They benefit you more than you can imagine.

3. Stand

You don’t even have to walk to stay healthy at work. Just stand for at least 10 minutes or stand for eight and walk around for two minutes every 30 minutes.

4. Use a Standing Desk

If you’re familiar with standing desks, which are actually growing in popularity these days for many offices, make use of them. These standing desks can help you finish your job without having to sit all day at work.

5. Use the Treadmill

During breaks, avoid the couch as much as possible. Use the treadmill whenever you plan on watching TV. Some offices have stair steppers or exercise bikes in front of the TV sets. Whatever it is, take advantage of the exercise machine while you enjoy the show.

6. Use an Exercise Ball

Some offices don’t have a standing desk, but here’s one good alternative: an exercise ball where you can sit whenever you’re working. Doing so can actually promote stabilization of your core muscles. You may not be used to this practice at first, so just try to do this a few minutes every day and start building the amount of time from there.

7. Use a Small Cup

If you keep a water glass by your desk or workstation, it’s time to keep it small. This way, you can walk to the water cooler to get a refill. Just a few times of doing this every day can help support your muscle health and even your blood flow.

If you’re working at an office for eight hours, this is not an excuse to forget about your health.Make sure you pay attention to your posture as well. While sitting is already bad for your health, slouching is even worse. This not only deteriorates your health, but also your performance at work.