You’ve heard about it from your favorite brands as they declare their food products are all natural, have no trans fat, no cholesterol, and no added sugar among other claims. However, experts are now saying that even the foods that you think are healthy are actually deceiving you.

These so-called healthy foods that are bad for you include the following:

Processed Breakfast Cereals

While not all breakfast cereals are unhealthy, most of them are, especially those that have a health claim. If it says it has low fat or whole grains, check the ingredients list and you will see refined grains and sugar among many ingredients.

Gluten-Free Processed Foods

Since many people are now avoiding gluten, many food manufacturers have brought to the table their products that are free from gluten. The truth is that they are highly processed foods that have little or no nutrients. Plus, they are made using refined starches that cause blood sugars to rise.

Organic but Processed Foods

Many processed foods include the word “organic” in their labels. These are actually foods that have ingredients that are organic, but note that this does not mean they are organic as a whole.

Agave Nectar

Sugar is considered one of the most harmful ingredients when consumed regularly. This is why people have turned to “natural” alternatives, including Agave nectar or syrup. The sweetener, however, is almost the same as sugar as it has high amounts of fructose that can cause metabolic problems.

Low-Carb Foods

Just because it says it is low in carbs, you automatically think it is good for you. Low-carb junk foods are processed foods that come with tons of artificial chemicals and ingredients. If you read the ingredients list, you will notice that there is actually no real food there, which makes you eat a chemically processed food.

Sports Drinks

Athletes drink sports drink to replenish lost electrolytes. The drinks contain salts and sugar that can provide more energy and even help the athlete perform better. However, even regular people these days consume sports drinks while they are just sitting down or doing nothing. If you need to stay hydrate, it’s much better to stick to water.


There was a battle between butter and margarine before and the latter won because butter was said to have high saturated fat content. Even then, margarine already had high trans fat. While these days, the trans fat content of margarine is lower, it is still packed with too much refined vegetable oil. If you check the ingredients list, you will see it is loaded with chemicals and is therefore not real food.

Be careful on what you're buying. Think twice / PicHelp
Be careful on what you’re buying. Think twice / PicHelp

Processed food – even though they are “organic” and such – are still processed, meaning they are unhealthy with little to no natural ingredients. Be a wise shopper and avoid these so-called healthy foods and just buy the true natural ones instead.