Indian food has become quite popular in many parts of the world, including in North America This cuisine has so much uniqueness and flavor to offer in its dishes, including saag paneer, butter chicken, chicken tikka, and of course, curry. Many people don’t know that food that tastes this good is also healthy.

Tweaking your meals and making them Indian is quite easy. All you have to do is add more spices and use rice and pulses. Indian dishes are generally colorful, tasty, and aromatic. There are some convincing reasons why you should replicate Indian dishes, including the following:

  • Indian cuisine offers a lot of options to choose from, particularly when it comes to vegetables and fruits. You’re not just limited to using kale and lettuce; you can even incorporate ones that you might find strange together, but they will actually work, such as spinach, mangoes, and aubergine.
  • Indian food is well-known for its spices and herbs. If you like to experiment on flavors, you will love the variety of add-ons you can use for your next Indian meal, such as coriander and ginger.
  • You will also notice that Indian food is mostly vegetarian. It does not rely heavily on meats and their flavor.
  • Because Indian food does not need too much meat to give it flavor, it is very low in saturated fat, but is high in fiber.

Aside from the points mentioned, Indian food also has several health benefits, depending on the ingredients used:

  • Turmeric: Almost 3,000 years ago, turmeric was used as a dye. These days, it is popular as a part of Indian dishes and its anti-inflammatory properties. Several studies showed that its active ingredient, curcumin, can kill pain, boost metabolism, speed up wound healing, and even fight certain cancers.
  • Chickpeas: They are an excellent source of fiber, along with folate, protein, and zinc.
  • Tomatoes and Spinach: Both have plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These two are even considered “superfoods.”
  • Ginger: All around the world, ginger has been known to improve digestive tract health and alleviate nausea. Ginger ale is even consumed worldwide to stop flu. This spice is also used as a natural pain killer and regular consumption may even reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk.

indian-foodDon’t hesitate to let your meals resemble Indian dishes. Aside from being healthy, they are even inexpensive. Think about how much you can save by opting for lentils instead of red meat. Plus, the foods are easy to prepare and can even be stored in the fridge for later.