It is difficult to avoid makeup. From face powder to eyeliner to lipstick, you could feel incomplete if you don’t wear makeup, especially if you have been using it regularly. For some, putting on makeup is a part of their daily routine. But the boost in self-confidence that you experience is not enough to cover up the devastating effects of makeup to your skin.

If you’re a huge fan of cosmetics, it is time for you to learn and accept that they are not good for you. In fact, they can reverse what you are trying to achieve with regular use.

Negative Effects of Using Makeup

If you don’t already know, too much dependency on makeup can give you the following problems:

1. Bad for the Eyes and Eye Area

Whether it is foundation, mascara, or any other product, they can cause harm to your eyes and the area around there:

Be careful on what you put in your face.
Be careful on what you put in your face.

Wrinkles around Your Eyes: Using foundation is one of the most important parts of applying makeup. But using this every day can actually make face wrinkly, especially under and around your eye area. This part of the face is very sensitive, so make sure you don’t go too hard on this area when you apply makeup. If possible, skip it.

Losing Eyelashes: For those who love applying mascara, here’s something that is not too appealing for this eye makeup: the lashes may become hard, but brittle. This can cause them to break and fall off. If possible, use mascara only on a few occasions.

Eye Infections: Mascara, eye shadow, and all kinds of eye makeup can ruin your eye health. You could develop itchiness, red eyes, and even cysts in the eyes. Use these eye cosmetics as minimally as possible.

2. Aging

Makeup can unfortunately age you faster with these permanent effects:

Skin Dehydration: Makeup can dry out the skin, causing it to look tired and rough.

Damaged Skin Collagen: When new skin cells don’t grow anymore and the healing process of the skin takes slower than normal, this can lead to wrinkles and fine lines that cannot be treated without any cosmetic procedure.

Saggy Skin: Makeup can damage the tissues of the skin as well, which can cause the skin to lose its elasticity. As a result, you look older than your age.

Makeup can also mix with bacteria and other pollutants, which can contribute to an older appearance.

3. Other Effects

Makeup can also give you these negative side effects:

Larger Skin Pores: When makeup residue stays inside your pores, this can cause acne and other skin infections. Furthermore, this can enlarge your pores.

Dry and Dark Lips: For heavy lipstick users, your lips can look like you’re always dehydrated.

Skin Discoloration: some cosmetics can leave pigmentations on the skin.

Headaches: There is scientific proof that chemicals in makeup can give you headaches.

Skin Cancer: Regular use of makeup increases your risk of getting cancer.

As much as possible, go natural. If you really can’t and aren’t comfortable, slowly switch to natural remedies, such as drinking more water, eating healthy, and consuming medicinal herbs.